Sunscreen is a must for all ages. No exceptions.

How to take care of skin at all of life’s stages

Some of us feel like the world is our oyster, while the other half feels like we’ve aged 100 years older in quarantine. But no matter which side you’re on, here’s a neat and effortless way to adjust your routine to work with your ever evolving and ever changing skin and self:

P.S. Sunscreen is a must for all ages. No exceptions.

Teens - Early 20’s: For many of us, acne was the biggest villain. Depending on the degree of acne you have, it’s best to consult a professional to know what type of treatment is best for you. But, using a great cleanser and a light moisturizer will build healthy habits for the long haul.

Mid 20’s - Early 30’s: Acne is subsiding but is that wrinkle? Fine lines and hyperpigmentation have arrived thanks to hormones. Cleansers, exfoliators and antioxidants are the prevention and anti-aging team you need.

30’s - Early 40’s: More dryness and a full throttle anti-aging routine begins here. Honestly, the sooner the better. Skin needs extra hydration and adding in a few special treatments and protective measures (hello, hats!) will slow down the aging process.

45+: Sagging starts to happen around here. Aside from treatments and preventatives, additional and more aggressive formulas with regenerating peptides and collagens will help to firm and plump skin back up. 

Remember beauty is at every age. But in order to feel our best, we have to look our best, which means making self care and confidence boosting routines a priority.

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