Wash away the stress (A skincare routine for the ultimate me-time)

Wash away the stress (A skincare routine for the ultimate me-time)

International Self Care Day is tomorrow! Ready to reset? Here’s how to wash away the stress with a little self care and some DIY spa bathroom indulgence. All you need is 3 things - hopefully all of which you’ll already have on hand.


Step 1

JUNO Clean 10 Cleansing Balm: Perfect for all skin types and extra gentle on sensitive skin. Simply sarm the butter to silk formula in your hands and in small circular motions, massage it into skin to remove all and every bit of residue. Unlike surfactant-based cleansers - the ones that foam and bubble, the JUNO Clean 10 cleansing balm is extra gentle and non-irritating. It won’t dry out skin, compromise its moisture barrier, or disrupt its pH thanks to its simplified list of simply 10 ingredients.  


Step 2

Wet a clean cotton, flannel or microfiber towel with warm water and wring out any excess water. Wipe away any residual cleansing balm. Wet the towel again, and repeat wringing the excess water, but this time drape it over your face and leave it on for a moment longer. Sink into the warmth of the towel and take deep breaths and let the lingering scent of tangerine and nature-derived ingredients mentally whisk you away to a warm sandy beach somewhere for a few seconds.


Step 3 

Put your sink on a warm setting and place a catch or bowl so that the steam will rise up so you can lean over it comfortably. No hot water? Put on the kettle or boil some water - do it however you can find a safe and accessible way to get some warm steam rising and going. When you’re in a comfortable position, lean over and let the steam soothe and open your pores. You can even throw a towel around your head so that when you lean forward you make a little steam/spa cave. Again, just make sure it’s a comfortable temperature that won’t scald or burn skin. Adding ice cubes will also help cool it down faster if needed. Enjoy the benefits of spa-like steaming for 5-10 minutes and the results will be a whole other level of refreshed. 

When you’re done, do your skin routine as usual. You’ll notice not only your product absorbing better, but you gave yourself a few moments to spoil yourself with your own luxurious spa treatment at home. Know more ways to celebrate International Self Care Day? Let us know in a comment on Instagram.

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