At JUNO & Co. We value our community and conversations. We heart our #junobabes and we always aim to listen and learn from your questions, feedback and suggestions. We are a small company of 10 diverse individuals and proud to say that our team is 100% POC. Our executives are one female (Filipina-American) and one male (Chinese) who met in the Fashion Industry in San Francisco over a decade ago.
Below is a breakdown of our full-time employees:
50% Asian/Asian American
30% Black
20% Hispanic/Latinas
60% Female
And our part-time and interns:
86% Asian/Asian American
14% Hispanic/Latina
100% Female
We value equality, inclusivity and diversity.
We commit to doing the work.
We commit to fighting for what’s right.
We commit to staying on the right side of history.
Always, The JUNO & Co. Team  
We support equality. 
We stand against racism.
Please check out these resources to learn how 
you can help propel and support accountability and change: